As Allah commands, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never shed blood

Many events involving politics and across the world ever since the 1980s have been taking place in line with the systems of the Mahdi and the Messiah. Since 1980 (Hijri 1400) the Islamic world has been awaiting the explicit coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as foretold in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), the verses of the Qur’an and statements by great Islamic scholars. In the light of information in the Torah and the Gospels, these same dates are when the Jews await the coming of the King Messiah [in other words, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] and Christians the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

To date, and particularly involving certain evangelicals and misinformed Muslims, a most mistaken policy has been followed due to a belief that the movements of the Mahdi and the Messiah will shed blood and that there will be a great battle between Muslims and the People of the Book. The role of evangelicals in American foreign policy in particular led to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the time of the previous U.S. administration and to the shedding of the blood of millions of innocent Muslims as well as Europeans and Americans. Some evangelicals, Christians belonging to various denominations and a number of Jews, albeit a very low one, believe that this bloodshed will grow and intensify and foresee a great battle between Muslims and the People of the Book. The way that some people with low levels of knowledge in the Islamic world depict Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as someone who will shed blood and ruthlessly slaughter Shiites, Wahabbists, Jews and Christians will obviously further encourage such expectations.

It is impossible for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to engage in any conflict, encourage any fighting or shed any blood, BECAUSE ALLAH HAS COMMANDED HAZRAT MAHDI (pbuh) NOT TO SHED BLOOD. HAZRAT MAHDI (pbuh) WILL ACT IN THE LIGHT OF THE MORAL VALUES AND COMMANDMENTS REVEALED BY ALLAH TO OUR PROPHET (SAAS) AND WILL ABIDE BY THE QUR’AN AND THE HADITHS. Our Prophet (saas) has revealed in detail the path that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) must follow, the methods he must apply in order to bring about the dominion of Islamic moral values, and how he must behave in what situations. It is Almighty Allah Who provided our Prophet (saas) with this information, by way of the angel Gabriel who imparted it. Therefore, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act in the light of Allah’s commands in every step he takes, every decision he makes and everything he does. ALLAH’S COMMAND TO HAZRAT MAHDI (pbuh) IS “THAT HE SHOULD NOT PERMIT ONE DROP OF BLOOD TO BE SHED, THAT HE SHOULD NOT ALLOW ANYONE’S NOSE EVEN TO BLEED, THAT HE CANNOT WAKEN THE SLEEPER AND THAT HE MUST ACT WITH GENTLENESS, WARMTH AND KINDNESS.

Ever gets that sinking feeling?

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Excel Everest is an excel exercise manual intended to show you excel. It has 41 topics and has 155 activities, 339 buttons, and 87 embedded videos. It is a course reading, issue set, video library all moved pleasantly in to one excel record. It shows you different excel points, each one in turn and gives you a few issues to chip away at. When you complete the issues, Excel Everest even evaluations you consequently. Really cool, eh?

Excel Everest is intended to help tenderfoots and not really standard clients of excel learn different highlights without getting lost. It educates the accompanying subjects exceptionally well: Excel nuts and bolts: What is exceed expectations, how to arrange information, utilizing glue exceptional, arranging and separating information, including/evacuating/concealing lines or segments, working with shapes at online excel training

Equations: Formula fundamentals, content recipes, IF recipe, VLOOKUP equation, essential math equations, factual equations (normal and so forth.)

Graphs and Pivot Tables: Understanding numbers and noting questions.

Tips to make your life simple with Excel: Removing copies, utilizing console easy routes, basic macros, printing excel sheets

Every subject is clarified in a different worksheet with content, pictures, recordings (YouTube recordings installed in exceed expectations) and different illustrations.

Excel Everest is a phenomenal approach to learn excel on the off chance that you are beginning. It is wonderfully outlined with loads of clear, basic clarifications for different regular excel highlights.

Activities and robotized evaluating. There are questions/short tests after every subject and when you enter you will evaluated.

You can monitor your advance and perceive online excel training   how well you have scored crosswise over different points/trouble territories

Gift basket for Baby shower

At the point when your companion or relative declares the interesting news that she is having a baby, there are frequently heaps of embraces and perhaps some cheerful tears. In any case, now you need to make sense of what to purchase for a baby shower present — something that is not just helpful for your companion and her baby, yet in addition is a mindful and one of a kind blessing in the meantime.


In the event that you need to stray far from the baby registry and search for customized baby shower gift to commend the event, you are in the perfect place.

Here are few customized gift baskets toronto thoughts that you can scrub down: The Canada Gift Basket is the ideal present to scrub down that is going on before the baby is born. On the off chance that the parents have chosen not discover when the child’s gender orientation, the blessing bushel envisioned to the privilege is an impartial choice. Here at Canada Gift Basket, you will discover a couple of child socks, a shake, a getting cover, a towel and an onesie. This baby shower gift idea thought arrives in a kid and young lady forms too.

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Most beautiful window blinds available today

In order to improve the appearance and beauty of a house or a building, lots of accessories and parts are available. Blinds are the protective coverings provided over windows to protect the internal environment from sunlight, dust and noise. Nowadays, lots of companies and stores are manufacturing and distributing various types of window blinds. In order to buy the best blinds of various types at affordable rates, it is always advisable to seek the help of the Duette Company. They will provide sleek and sophisticated blinds that suit your house and rooms.

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Building a home is like our dream come true, but to make this dream come true you need to have huge money, as building a home is not an easy job, as huge investments should be done. But you need not worry there are Companies like PRMI who focus their business on USDA loan type and are designed to help home buyers. The reasons why you should go for USDA Home Loan is that:
There is No Down payment is required; You can have Low monthly mortgage insurance; Bankruptcy is never an issue after 2 year; Can be used to purchase new construction, existing homes, or foreclosures; the Closing costs can be financed in; there are no fluctuations in rates as the Competitive rates are fixed for 30- year; no question of Foreclosure after 3 years; Flexible credit guidelines and easily understandable too; Minimum credit score 620; No maximum purchase price limit. You can visit their official website to collect more information or for more details you may also call their customer care representatives, and they should be glad to help you out and guide you through entire process.

Core Values of USDA home loans.

a person needs many years to save at least ten to twenty parent from their income due to rise in values of each and every household items, even the educational fees are more, and if with all these difficulties you want to build a home them don’t worry you can fulfill your dream with the USDA Loan. USDA home loans are “Government insured loans”, and hence are hundred percent safe and secure. The specialized one in providing USDA Loans is PRMI. Some of the factors include credit history is important as it demonstrates whether you are capable to pay back the amount, what is the zip code or the county at which your dream home resides, based on previous transactions you have made as it shows how much you earn and how much you actually spend monthly. Most important thing which your eligibility depends on is your current income and credit history, etc.
Companies like PRMI focus a large part of their business on USDA loan type and are usually better suited to help home buyers navigate the lending process.
USDA Home Loan Advantages:
• No Down payment is required.
• Bankruptcy ok after 2 year.
• Competitive fixed 30-year rates.
• Low monthly mortgage insurance
• Foreclosure ok after 3 years
• No maximum purchase price limit.
• Closing costs can be financed in.
• Flexible credit guidelines. (Minimum credit score 620)
Can be used to purchase existing homes, new construction, or foreclosures